A gentle whisper by the ear

Warm breath brushes by the skin

Goosebumps raised, blood backflowed


That tone, so gentle

caresses the soul

yet the words formed sentences

that is cold as the marble slab pressed against my bare skin


The illusion that we are still lovers from yesterday

and your heartless words that I can’t ignore

make me wonder

who are you?


Lips curved into a light smirk,

lights danced off your smiling yet contrasting cold eyes

pulsed with danger.


My heart races

Instinct screamed, body tensed

Ready for flight

yet I stand rooted

Mind in point blank


You let off a quiet laugh

mocking my silliness


Who is the drunkard?

you in hatred,

or me, in your web of gentle venom?


This is done on random because of a song that I was listening to, on the bus this noon. It wasn’t from the lyrics, but from the feeling that the song gives me and there’s a guy whispering something in the background. Pretty errie song actually.


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