Only when we got over difficulties we thought we could never get by, that we are able to think they weren’t as overwhelming as we thought they were in the past.

Just like how we started climbing a mountain that stood high and majestic in front of us, the awe of nature overwhelms us and reminds us of our fragility of being mere human beings. Though the power that nature possesses seems limitless and far more than the threshold we could withstand, but we need to acknowledge the strength of willpower, and the “miracle” sheer stubbornness can bring us. As long as we persevere, one day, we will see that mountain right behind us when we turn back, and appreciate where the challenge has brought us to.

And new challenges await.

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Silence crawls

Tensions raised

Muscles tensed

In defence

Fight or flight

unleashed in seconds.


And there you shall see,

a beautiful tragic dance of survival.

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The mermaid and the fisherman

The beautiful one,

dweller of the sea,

glistening green-blue scales under moonlight,

it is said her voice is like that of heaven,

and her tears are precious gemstones.


A fisherman in his tiny boat,

In the middle of the night,

he heard a song so gentle,

so surreal,

it feels like a dream he don’t want to wake up from.


The subconscious indulges in the dangerous feast his senses presents,

the conscious remembers the tale passed down for generations.


He knows clearly,

either he get eaten up,

or he conquer the mermaid.

Upon that, not only he would be safe,

he would sail with no danger.


Little do the mermaid know,

when she express her interest in the fisherman and use her voice to entice him to fall into her arms,

she has already fallen into the web weaved by the fisherman.

Not only the fisherman cannot withstand the temptation of the mermaid, even if he knows his life is at stake,

the mermaid could not deny the temptation the fisherman has on her.


This is a tale of entwined fates of two ends in the nature chain.

Who is the predator, and who is the prey?


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The most familiar stranger

I shall believe that you hold the same thoughts as me at this instance.

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Perhaps this uneasiness and uncertainty I’m overwhelmed with, will ease off as I get older. Being exposed by such situations suddenly result in such emotional turbulence. It is something that I have to get accustomed with and not just accustomed, but also able to deal with it with confidence and rationality. I guess, at one point of time, you would have to step out and deal with the unexpected twist yourself and at that instance, growth takes place. It’s gratifying that you have grown, but also a little saddening that you are moving away from the simple person you once were. Maybe that is the reason why people love reminiscence about the good o’ days from their memory lane; they miss how wonderfully simple and blessed they were in the past – satisfied and feeling blessed for the every little things in life.

At this point of time – although you know it would be hard, you have hopes and aspirations to be a better person and have a bright future that you envision. You would not consider so much and more likely to act on impulses, because YOLO right? You would not talk in ways that make you look like a wily fox and your edges poke people when you don’t like them. 

But as you continue your life journey and say, in your 30s or 40s, you learn to think more, and sometimes overthink to the extent you are stuck in the same spot that you expected yourself to because of too many self-imposed restrictions, to talk in ways that wouldn’t rub off people, and lose that initial fearless attitude in life. Too many things in life slowly round those edges you once have that distinguish you as a young adult, albeit many of them are simple things – they are simple, yet the consistency of them just weighs you down as time pass by and sap the energy out of you.

This is something very true in life, but I hope that we would keep that strength and hope we have (or once have) through our course of our lives. Nothing is ever too late.

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Perhaps when you socialise and expand your social circle, you strain relationships with your close friends and family at the same time.

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Another her

Draped in white,

against a background of crimson purple horizon.

The silhouette drew long

on the ground.


At that instance,

maybe you can’t say she is alone.


There is another her

in her own world.

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I admire people who can dance, modern comtemporary, ballet, hip hop, salsa, ballroom, tango, belly dancing, pole dancing and the list goes on.

I know of a girl who loves dancing, but she is more of the traditional type, so she don’t really appreciate sexy dance.

But I felt that, girls who can pull off sexy moves are great. They are professional. Not all girls can do it, and those who could, I appreciate it. It is not as easy as just moving your hips and body, your body is the instrument, to generate the atmosphere you want. The gaze, the facial expressions, the flick of legs in stilletos, the swing of arms around the body, to get everything together, it is not easy.

I feel that if you are a professional dancer, you should be able to accept different variations of dance. Dance ultimately is a language, a self expression, to communicate what you want to communicate to yourself, and to the audience. Sexy dance, is just part of it.

Well, I was watching some Mvs on youtube, i.e. Now and troublemaker by Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Hyunseung) and some other kpop artists.

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Something very interesting

“The secret to Silicon Valley’s success? We know how to fail and we have been doing it for decades. Failure is what fuels and renews this place. Failure is the foundation for innovation.

Failure is essential because even the cleverest of innovations – and businesses – fail a few times before they ultimately succeed.

Consider Google: at least half a dozen other companies tried to turn search into a business, but Google was the first to crack the code and turn search into a huge business.

And even when companies succeed, the only way to survive in the long term is to flee into the future by relentlessly innovating.

Apple all but killed off the iPod at its peak by turning the iPod’s music function into a feature incorporated into the iPhone when it was introduced in 2007.

Apple happily killed its own product because if Apple hadn’t done so, another competitor would have done it for them.”

Paul Saffo, Discern Analytics

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